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Darwin's Teaching of Women's Inferiority | The Institute. The racism of evolution theory has been documented well and widely publicized. It is known less widely that many evolutionists, including Charles Darwin, also taught that women are biologically inferior to men.

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Darwin's Ghost: The Origin of Species Updated: Steve Jones. Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species is probably the best-known, least-read book. One of the most important achievements of the past millennium, it did for biology what Galileo did for astronomy: made it into a single science rather than a collection of unrelated facts.

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Charles Darwin: The Man Behind the Monkey | The Institute. What: Father of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection is hailed in the mainstream scientific community as the unifying theory of the life sciences. He has been elevated to demigod status and given a place of esteem in the public arena.