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St. Albert Merchants won their quarter final playoff series against the Beverly Warriors, 3 2. The Merchants were up 2 0 but the Warriors stormed back, winning the next two games to force a fifth and deciding game..

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April Fools 2018: Here are this year’s best gaming gags. April Fool’s Day has somehow become gaming’s big holiday, as the industry comes together this time every year to celebrate the fun that can be had in poking fun at itself, its fans, and of.

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April Fools’ Day pranks 2018: An updating list of the day. April Fools’ Day is on a Sunday and on Easter this year, which isn’t the best scenario for all the thirsty brands looking to get their pranks into the weekday news cycle.

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April Fools' Day - Wikipedia April Fools' Day (sometimes called All Fools' Day) is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes.The jokes and their victims are called April fools.People playing April Fool jokes often expose their prank by shouting 'April fool(s)' at the unfortunate victim(s).). Some newspapers, magazines and other.

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Hi. Cool, what I was looking for.

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10 Fascinating YouTube Facts That May Surprise You YouTube has a fun Easter egg that will let you play a Snake-esque game within the video window.The clip above will give you a demo, but it's simple to execute if you're keen to try it out.

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17 Diabolical Tech Pranks For April Fools' Day For PCs, all you have to do is hit CTRL + ALT + down arrow (and the same combination with the up arrow will flip it back); on a Mac, open System Preferences and click Display while simultaneously.

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Google - Wikipedia Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California.Together they own about 14 percent of its shares.

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Fool’s Journey: The Fascinating Life of Pamela Colman Smith For those who don’t know the name, Pamela Colman Smith, she’s the artist behind the most popular tarot deck in the western world, the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot or RWS. This deck is generally.

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Technology Intelligence: Latest news & opinion Tech news and expert opinion from The Telegraph's technology team. Read articles and watch video on the tech giants and innovative startups.

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Guy Wins This Years ‘Easter April Fools’ By Pranking His. This year brought the happy coincidence of Easter Sunday falling on April 1 st, or April Fool’s Day. So instead of your work colleagues or classmates falling victim to your fiendishly ingenious pranks, it was family and significant others’ that were the target this time. Speedflying Scotsman.